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Sino Pipe Pty Ltd specialises in the provision of high quality steel piping with anti-corrosion insulation. Sino Pipe a new joint venture of expertise between Liaoning Hengjiu Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd. And Liaoning Northern Steel Pipe Co., Ltd has come to you to provide the highest quality service.

Our piping

Our steel piping has been conferred Det Norske Veritas (DNV) ISO9002 Quality Management System Certified & API 5L Certificate in 1997 and updated in 2000 API 5CT Certification, with all specifications re-audited regularly. With market requirement changing we have made investments in two separate companies specialising in the production of large size steel pipes, separately producing large size ERW, LSAW and SSAW steel pipes.

Pipe specifications

Sino pipe Main product are Petroleum Oil Tubing and Casing Pipe, Petroleum Natural Gas Line Pipe, structure steel pipe, LSAW, SSAW and the plastic end protector match with the steel pipe.

Product scope:

  • ERW : Diameter: 1.9" - 24", capacity is 200,000 tons per year
  • LSAW: Diameter: 16" - 64", capacity is 400,000 tons per year
  • SSAW: Diameter: 8-5/8" - 100", capacity is 300,000 tons per year

New workshop for finished casing and coupling of both ERW and Seamless steel pipe for each grade: Diameter: 4-1/2” – 7”, capacity is 40,000 tons per year.

Our company also equips the completed Mechanical and Chemical Test Centre which formed the solid basis for manufacturing the high quality petroleum pipe.

Applied standard: API-5L, API-5CT, ASTM A53B, ASTM 252, BS 1387, GB/T9711.1 etc.

Quality Control

At Sino Pipe we take quality control very seriously, “To be responsible for the product quality, to be confident for the service” is our tenet. Our company executes the ISO9002 quality system and API Q1 quality regulations.

The quality control system of our company consists of 22 factors such as contract audit, process design control, document & data control, procurement, material control, material/product marking and traceable process control, inspection and testing, measurement and testing equipment control, inspection and testing status, non-conformance control, repairing, moving, washing, storage, packing and delivery, quality record control, internal quality audit, training course, service, statistics, QC activity, QC award & penalty.

Advanced equipment, outstanding team, strict specifications and scientific management have created strong demand for our product in the market. Our steel pipes are sold to many countries and regions like United States, Iran, Sudan, Japan, Mongolia, Hazakhstan, North Korea, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Burma and Hong Kong.

Our products have also gained clients in our hometown of china. Such companies as Daqing Oil Field, Liaohe Oil Field, Dalian Shipbuilding Company, An Steel Group, Tianjin Heat Supply Co., Ltd., Qingdao Urban Gas Construction Project, Ji’nan Natural Gas Project, and Baotou Heat Supply Construction have purchased our products under the long-term basis.

Anti- corrosion technology

We have the most advanced anti-corrosion, insulation and PE pipe production line to compare with current products on the market. At Sino Pipe we make sure the pass rate of 100% is achieved with laboratory testing industry preferred testing methods.

The company primarily produces buried polyethylene anti-corrosion steel pipe (2PE, 3PE) , polypropylene (2PP, 3PP) anti-corrosion pipe, fusion bonded epoxy coating (FBE) and the internal anti-corrosion layer, prefabricated buried insulation pipe, buried prefabricated high-temperature insulation pipe, buried polyethylene (PE) pipes for gas and water supply, resistant polyethylene (PE-RT) pipes for hot and cold water.

We distribute corrosion and insulation materials, steel pipe, polyethylene and polypropylene through our international trade operations.

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